Activation Manager ToR

Terms of Reference (ToR) for Activation and Procurement Manager

Position: Activation and Procurement Manager 

Department: Marketing and Activation 

Reporting to: Account Director

Duration: Permanent/Full-Time


This document outlines the combined roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the Activation and Procurement Manager at Encore Media. 

1. Key Responsibilities:

1.1. Strategic Activation Planning:

Develop and implement comprehensive activation strategies aligned with marketing goals.
Lead the planning and execution of activation campaigns across various channels.

1.2. Procurement Oversight:

Manage the procurement process, including vendor selection, negotiation, and contract management.
Ensure timely and cost-effective sourcing of materials, services, and resources needed for activations.

1.3. Event Management:

Plan and coordinate events, product launches, and promotional activities.
Oversee logistics, budgets, and timelines for successful event execution.

1.4. Partnerships and Sponsorships:

Identify potential partners or sponsors that align with the brand and campaign objectives.
Collaborate with external partners to maximize mutual benefits and coordinate procurement needs.

1.5. Data Analysis:

Analyze activation campaign and procurement performance using relevant metrics and analytics tools.
Provide insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.

1.6. Team Management:

Lead and mentor the activation and procurement teams, providing guidance and support.
Foster a collaborative and innovative work environment within both teams.

2. Qualifications and Skills:

2.1. Educational Background:

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business, or a related field. Master’s degree is a plus.

2.2. Experience:

Proven experience in activation, event management, or related roles.
Demonstrated experience in procurement and supply chain management.

2.3. Strategic Thinking:

Ability to think strategically and develop effective activation strategies.
Visionary mindset to drive innovative campaigns.

2.4. Communication:

Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
Ability to convey complex ideas clearly to internal and external stakeholders.

2.5. Procurement Expertise:

In-depth understanding of procurement processes and supply chain management.
Strong negotiation skills and vendor relationship management.

2.6. Data Analysis:

Proficiency in data analysis and the ability to derive actionable insights.
Familiarity with analytics tools and metrics.

2.7. Team Leadership:

Demonstrated experience in leading and managing teams.
Ability to foster a positive and collaborative team culture.3. Performance Evaluation:

3.1. Activation and Procurement Management:

Successful development and execution of strategic activation plans.
Effective oversight of procurement activities, ensuring cost-effectiveness and timely sourcing.

3.2. Event Management:

Positive outcomes of activation campaigns and events.
Efficient coordination of logistics, budgets, and timelines.

3.3. Partnerships and Sponsorships:

Identification and collaboration with partners that align with brand and campaign objectives.
Maximization of mutual benefits through effective partnerships.

3.4. Data Analysis:

Use of analytics to evaluate activation campaign and procurement performance.
Continuous improvement and optimization based on data insights.

3.5. Team Management:

Successful leadership and mentorship of the activation and procurement teams.
Fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment within both teams.

Note: This ToR is subject to modification based on the evolving needs of the organization.


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